What is Edmonton Labiaplasty?

Edmonton Labiaplasty clinic, Youthful Image Clinic, offers multiple feminine health and genital rejuvenation therapies. One of them is Labiaplasty using laser [laser labiaplasty], scalpel [surgical labiaplasty] or other methods.

Labiaplasty is an in-demand procedure that reshapes and recontours labia minora [smaller inner lips] and/or labia majora [larger, outer, hair bearing lips]. This procedure can be used to improve appearance or discomfort that can occur when the size or bulkiness of the labia result in chafing or discomfort. Some women are born with enlarged or asymmetrical labia while other women develop these changes over time during puberty or after childbirths. Although the majority of these variations are within the normal limits, these changes can make women feel self-conscious about their labia appearance.

Labiaplasty is performed using topical and local anaesthesia in our Accredited Non-Hospital Surgical Facility in downtown Edmonton. The focus of the procedure is to produce optimal results in a safe, respectful and professional atmosphere. We have been performing surgical procedures for almost 25 years! Experience is important and we are proud of our accomplishments in patient care over the decades!

Although there are many ways that labiaplasty can be performed, we focus on two most common and successful techniques: “Trim the Edges” method and “Wedge, Edge Preserving” method. More about these methods later!

Labia, just like people, come in different shapes and sizes. They vary in size, shape, texture, thickness, colour and many other characteristics. Some women are concerned that one labium is bigger that the other (asymmetry) or when both labia are too large for their comfort or preference.

Now, women have choices in addressing their concerns!

If you are interested, contact us to see if you are a candidate for labiaplasty procedure!


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