A few of my friends had Brazilian Bikini hair removal and I would like to try it as well. Is it safe for all people? Summer is coming and it is as good a time as any to try it.



Brazilian bikini hair removal is not a new procedure but has only recently gained popularity. For those of you who do not know, Brazilian Bikini hair removal procedure refers to the removal of all, or almost all of hair in the genital area. The name originates from Brazil where it was popular before being introduced to big cities like New York and Los Angeles as well as cities in Europe. International population means international trends.

The most common methods of “Brazilian” are shaving at home, waxing, and laser or IPL hair removal . These treatments are generally safe, provided proper techniques are used by trained personnel. It is important that staff who are familiar with the regional anatomy and its variations provide treatments. The genital region, being very delicate, can be easily damaged or irritated when improper techniques or technologies are used. 

In some states in the USA, multiple complaints have prompted some authorities to consider banning “full bikini waxing.” Such complications are ingrown hairs, infections (warts and herpes) and damage to delicate skin result in scarring, pain, burning and uncomfortable sensations. 

Brazilian bikini shaving is probably the most common method used but requires great dexterity for optimal results. It allows privacy and, as such, spares patients embarrassment of asking others for the treatment.

Brazilian bikini waxing is a procedure in which wax is applied to the area and, while the skin is secured a quick motion is applied to remove the hair. This treatment is not permanent and needs 
to be repeated at least once a month to maintain desired results.

bikini_2.jpgBrazilian bikini laser or IPL hair removal is designed to permanently reduce the number of hairs growing in the area. Only the hair present in the skin can be treated, so patients should not wax prior to having IPL or laser treatments. Again, it is important that the staff is well trained in laser and IPL technologies. Such training will help minimize unexpected complications. The fact that laser and IPL technologies have been approved to permanently reduce the number of hairs growing is very reassuring. After multiple treatments, there will be permanent reduction in hair density. As such, treatments can be stopped or greatly reduced and yet the desired results will be maintained.

Although there is some uneasiness and embarrassment when asking others to help with a Brazilian bikini, it is worthwhile in the short term as well as the long term. Proper personnel can help to answer your questions and offer treatment that, over the long term, will provide durable results.

Brazilian bikini hair removal is safe, provided trained personnel are involved. When problems arise, they need to be identified and treated quickly to prevent long lasting complications. In such cases, physicians should be involved to monitor the treatment through proper diagnosis and management.

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