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Hi my name is Cathy, I would like to know what I can do for puffiness under the eye area and also ask you what creams are good for around the eye area and face. Right now I'm using Aveeno with SPF30 for face and Jamieson vitamin E eye cream. I would love to hear your advice.


EYES - The Window to Our Soul

eye_effected127x95.jpgThey communicate our emotions, feelings, desires, interests and host of other thoughts in a non-verbal way. Their importance in personal communications in both public and private affairs can't be overemphasized. It is not surprising that so much attention is placed on maintaining and improving the look of the eye region. The health and appearance of both upper and lower eyelids are important in conveying desired messages of youth and vitality.


Why do people seek eye region rejuvenation?

Most people seek correction of their upper eyelids because of excessive skin that often is combined with upper eyelid fullness. Theses two features create the perception of a tired and aged appearance that most people try to avoid. Skin loses its elasticity and becomes redundant creating folds that sometimes overhang past the upper eyelid edge. These changes culminate in the aged look of the upper eyelid and frequently become a call for action by many of our patients.


What Causes Lower Eyelid Puffiness?

doughnuts171x128.jpgBoth lower and upper eyelid puffiness can be caused by several factors. It is caused by either fluid (lymphatic fluid that we all have) or by excessive tissue such as skin, muscle or fat. One way to assess, if it is fluid, is through knowing if the puffiness is worse in the morning or after eating salty foods. In these cases, it is likely due to the accumulation of the fluid. When we sleep, we do not blink. It is the blinking action that pumps fluid away from the eye region and minimizes swelling. If puffiness is caused by the fluid, try to avoid salty and overly carbohydrate foods. These foods will cause water retention and resulting puffiness. If the puffiness is caused by excess tissues, then laser eyelid rejuvenation or blepharoplasty (surgical eyelid rejuvenation) may be considered.

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