Hair Growth Cycles

  1. Anagen Phase - Anagen is the active phase of hair growth and generally lasts for several months. At any given time, most of our body hair is in this part of the hair-growth cycle.
  2. Catagen Phase - During this brief phase, the hair bulb regresses and begins to shrink.
  3. Telogen Phase - At the end of this resting phase, which typically lasts a few months, hair is released from the shrivelled follicles and the anagen phase begins again.


How Has Unwanted Hair Usually Been Removed?

  1. - Shaving is a simple procedure…but it’s also messy and time consuming. (And who needs nicks and cuts?) Shaving is a very short-lasting solution, one that requires a constant commitment.
  2. Tweezing - Ouch! This quick-fix is not only painful…it’s highly impractical for large areas! And, if you’ve ever tweezed, you know that the hair you pluck will only grow back again.
  3. Depilatories - Another short-lasting solution. This messy procedure requires a significant time commitment and must be repeated about once a week. Caution: If depilatories are left on too long, they can cause severe skin irritation or even chemical burns.
  4. Waxing - Waxing can cover large areas and may last for a month or so. Yet this procedure is painful, can irritate sensitive skin, and can only treat hair after it becomes visible above the skin.
  5. Electrolysis - This procedure involves sticking a needle into each hair follicle and applying an electric current. In expert hands, electrolysis can successfully eliminate hair. But because you can treat only one hair at a time, it’s tedious and time-consuming.

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