Bellafill - Proven safety when performed by expert trained injectors

Bellafill is one of the hottest, safest, and most effective dermal fillers available today. It delivers predictable results, filling in wrinkles, lines and volume, supporting and generating collagen, and giving people smoother, more beautiful youthful skin. In addition to these great results, there’s also proven safety when performed by expert, trained injectors. At the Youthful Image Clinic in Edmonton, Dr. Mariusz Sapijaszko is one such expert. This article will help you discover why choosing a trained expert like Dr. Sapijaszko is so important.


Bellafill is FDA and Health Canada approved and highly effective

Bellafill was first approved by the FDA in 2006 and more recently in Canada. This great product differs from other dermal fillers because it is so effective and offers long-lasting results. Its unique microspheres lend the skin’s natural collagen support so it continues to improve skin’s appearance long after the initial procedure. Additional volume correction results in smoother, more attractive appearance.
Bellafill’s ingredients are safe and are readily accepted even in sensitive areas of the body. However, patients with certain allergies can experience negative reactions. This means that patients who are interested in Bellafill undergo simple skin test in the office. Although this test is not required in Canada, it is a good idea to consider it.
Bellafill has been tested many times in labs as well as through patient clinical studies. Patients who receive Bellafill report being very satisfied with their results. It’s important to select an injector who is trained to use Bellafill and who knows exactly what to do as what you are really getting and paying for is the hand and the experience of the injecting physician.


Choose a well-trained, caring doctor

Patients should choose a doctor who has years of filler experience and has been trained to use Bellafill. An expert will be very familiar with different techniques and will always ask patients thorough questions. Doctors want to be sure that Bellafill is the correct procedure for the individual and should inquire about allergies and past experiences will dermal fillers.


Make your appointment

At the Youthful Image Clinic in Edmonton, Dr. Sapijaszko is available to consult with patients who are considering Bellafill. He is the first person in Edmonton trained to use Bellafill and is highly knowledgeable about the procedure, its great benefits and potential risks.

Join Dr. Sapijaszko’s many satisfied patients and contact us today. Give us a call at 780-424-4440 ext. 2 or email us and book a confidential consultation to learn how bellafill can make a difference in your life..

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