Non-surgical Facial Shaping/Slimming – Reality or Fantasy?

Facial shaping and facial slimming without surgery is here! Edmonton Botox Facial Shaping and Facial Slimming is proving to be a very popular non-surgical modality for facial rejuvenation. Facial shaping has always been a very popular cosmetic procedure as it tries to recreate the appearance of youth and vitality. Find out how Edmonton Botox Facial Slimming can create a more youthful appearance without the lengthy downtime that is typically associated with more invasive surgical options.

In recent years, many non-surgical techniques have been successfully used to re-contour facial proportions in order to achieve more youthful appearance. These techniques include volume rejuvenation with Voluma, Juvederm, Radiesse, Selphyl and Sculptra, among others. More recently, Botox Cosmetic has gained an excellent reputation as an alternative to surgical techniques for facial reshaping. In many cases, Botox facial reshaping is as good as face lift procedures as it achieves very natural, subtle, yet very pleasing results.

The inverted triangle or heart-shaped face is one of the more important hallmarks of a feminine youthful face. Although facial shape fluctuates with changes in our weight, in our youth, it is generally narrower at the bottom and fuller at the upper cheeks level. This heart-shaped inverted triangle outline is one of the symbols of youthfulness. As we get older, there is a gradual loss of volume in the cheek region of the face with fullness shifting into the lower cheeks and jowls. This shift in facial contours tends to emphasize an aged appearance of deflated cheeks and a fuller lower face and jowls. Most people find this appearance less attractive. It is no wonder that facial reshaping is such a big part of successful facial rejuvenation.

When the youthful lower contour of the face is highlighted it gives a crisper better defined lower jowl region. The aesthetic quality of the face is enhanced when a more feminine triangular, heart shape is produced in the lower face. Botox facial slimming is not just for models and movie stars, but people just like you and me - students, teachers, mothers, and business people from all walks of life. It is that affordable!


What causes premature facial contour changes?

Our facial shape is determined by our bones, muscles, glands (such as saliva glands), fat, and skin. Some of these change very slowly, such as our bones, but other components can change more rapidly. In particular, some patients can develop a very strong and enlarged masseter muscle. Since it is located in the lower jaw area, it will emphasize the lower face creating a "bottom heavy" facial contour. This, in turn, results in a less than ideal facial shape.


What is the masseter?

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The masseter is a large muscle located in the jaw and in front of the ears. It is primarily responsible for moving the jaw allowing the teeth to clench or chew. People who have a large masseter (hypertrophy) often have a square jawline which is less feminine than the heart-shaped face.

This enlarged masseter muscle can be caused from genetic predisposition, clenching and grinding teeth at night or general tension in this muscular area. Over time, not only is there damage to the teeth but this can also create significant fullness of the lower face. Although a nighttime mouth guard will help protect the teeth, it will not decrease the size of the muscle or relieve any of the associated tension. Botox treatments have shown a tremendous ability to decrease the size and strength of the masseter muscle without significant adverse effects.


How does Edmonton Botox Facial Shaping work?

Botox is a purified protein that, when precisely injected into the target muscle, can temporarily relax it. This leads to its gradual reduction in size. Of course, it is important to decrease the size and the power of the masseter muscle without affecting normal chewing and talking.

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How long does it take to see results?

Although individual treatments vary, improvement in the jawline contour becomes apparent after 1 - 2 months following the treatment session and results may last from 4-6 months. In some patients, the results can even last up to 2 years. The duration of the effect depends on each individual's characteristics as well as the amount of Botox used. The most common comment that patients report is that everyone thinks they have lost weight as their face has a more aesthetic, elongated, heart-shaped appearance with a narrower lower face in comparison to the upper face.


Can Botox facial shaping be combined with other rejuvenating techniques?

In many situations, Botox is combined with other methods to rejuvenate the head and neck region. Frequently, facial fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, Selphyl, and Radiesse can be used to volumize the face, restoring fuller and younger looking contours. Fuller facial regions in the upper face portray youth whereas a fuller lower face is less desirable. In addition, non-surgical skin tightening techniques such as Thermage or ST Rejuvenation can be used in the regions to further enhance youthful features. This is especially suitable for patients when the jowl region requires more definition. 

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What are some of the traditional methods of facial shaping?

Botox is not the only way to re-shape the face and re-define the jawline. For many years, doctors have been able to sculpt the jawline by performing various techniques, most notably shaving the jawbone or cutting out some of the muscle in the area. These techniques, considered traditional methods of jawline sculpting, require general anesthesia and have prolonged swelling and recovery times. In addition, these techniques have permanent results which are great if you are happy with the final result and have no complications but in many cases, there are complications (e.g. numbness, swelling and pain). If the results are not what you were looking for, then it is difficult to put muscle or bone back and return the tissues to their normal form.

In some instances, facial implants can also be used to alter contours of the face. As these implants are permanent foreign substances, they can interact with bone and other tissues causing undesirable effects.

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How can I inquire if I can benefit from Edmonton Botox Facial Shaping?

Botox is a prescription medication and as such, any treatments must be physician directed. We invite you to see us for a consultation to assess if you are a good candidate for this advanced procedure. In addition, it is important to note that the results can vary from person to person. We are all slightly different from each other and our response to treatments can vary as well.

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