What are the functions of Labia?

Labia, frequently overlooked and underappreciated, are the fleshy skin folds outside of the vagina and include both Labia majora (outer lips/labia, generally larger hear bearing labia) and Labia minora (inner lips/labia, devoid of hair).

Generally speaking, the functions of the labia include:

Protection of the vagina, clitoris and the urethra (opening where we pee from)

Provision of cushion from the external forces

Lubrication when easy movement and sliding is needed.

External genital region of each person is unique resulting in various sizes, shapes and colours! When it comes to any questions and possible modifications, it is fundamentally up to the owner of the parts. As such, we take great care to emphasize that the variation in anatomy are very much normal in vast majority of persons.

Now, women have choices in addressing their concerns!

If you are interested, contact us to see if you are a candidate for labiaplasty procedure!


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