Can NeckTite replace the traditional surgical neck lift?

Can the NEW NeckTite procedure be so effective that it can challenge the traditional surgical neck lift? NeckTite – using liposuction and a novel radiof requency technology to tighten and lift the skin – is a new and exciting development in facial rejuvenation options available to Canadians today! Dr. Sapijaszko is the only physician in Edmonton offering this new and exciting alternative for patients looking for neck rejuvenation.

Some younger patients feel like senior citizens because of their ageing neck area. Many have tried multiple options including lotions, potions, creams, peels and laser treatments. These treatments help rejuvenate the skin and are needed for optimal results, but sometimes more interventions are necessary. The traditional way of rejuvenating the neck was a surgical neck lift which entailed lengthy scars and prolonged recovery periods. Some patients still need this radical treatment option, but others can benefit from NeckTite – this new and revolutionary technology which combines liposuction with skin tightening.


What is NeckTite?

NeckTite is a new advanced technology incorporating the proven benefits of liposuction and radiofrequency. Liposuction is well known for its excellent abilities to remove fat and now it can be combined with radiofrequency skin heating and tightening. Heat, uniformly applied at an appropriate depth, is known to significantly tighten the skin. These two technologies result in improved skin contours and tightness creating natural long lasting results. 

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How does NeckTite differ from laser liposuction?

NeckTite and BodyTite are the new revolution in liposuction and they build on the proven effectiveness and safety of traditional tumescent liposuction. Pure Liposuction is excellent for fat removal and it's primarily used for body and face contouring. In some patients, fat removal is just not enough and some skin tightening is needed. 

Laser liposuction (Smart Lipo, Slim Lipo and Cool Lipo, among others) has introduced technologies to increase skin contraction. These forms of liposuction assert that increased skin heating during the procedure will improve skin contraction. The next generation of liposuction and skin tightening technologies is here – BodyTite and the NEW NeckTite. They offer unprecedented advantages over traditional liposuction as well as laser liposuction in that the tissue heating is the most uniform and the skin contraction is the greatest.

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How quickly will I see results after NeckTite?

Although the results can be seen immediately, the healing process and skin contraction take time. In general, I recommend waiting at least 12 weeks before the final results can be assessed.


Can NeckTite be combined with other rejuvenating procedures?

Of course, NeckTite can be combined with other skin and body rejuvenating techniques. Skin surface can be treated with prescription and non-prescription products, chemical peels, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), and laser technologies, whereas deeper muscle layers can be treated with Botox Cosmetic to reduce the pull of underlying muscles. In fact, most people would benefit from a combination of treatments to achieve optimal results.


What are the side effects of NeckTite?

As with any other cosmetic procedure, there are potential side effects. As the NeckTite combines liposuction and radiofrequency technologies, the side effect profile is that of both procedures. As such, there is some discomfort and swelling that can last several days to several weeks or longer. In addition, there can be some contour irregularities or even small thermal burns or ulcerations. Although these more serious side effects are not common, they have been reported. It is absolutely important to have a full detailed consultation and review of these and other potential side effects as each person is unique and may experience side effects in their own individual way. The physician’s training and experience are also paramount. 

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What is the cost of a NeckTite procedure?

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of areas that need treatment and improvement, such as the front of the neck, sides of the neck as well as jowls. Each patient condition and anatomy is different and, therefore, the cost of the procedure is different. In general, the cost is significantly less than the cost of the traditional surgical neck lift.

The results of NeckTite are very impressive and, in some patients, are similar to the traditional surgical neck lift. For those who wish for effective but less invasive procedure for their neck rejuvenation, NeckTite is worth inquiring about.

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